Time for a takeaway

Posted by theglobeinn on August 11, 2017

Mmmmm - Pizza or fish and chips.

The tang of vinegar on paper softened with rain, the menacing eye of a seagull calling for your lunch and the satisfaction of not cooking it yourself; nothing beats a good takeaway! But what about the history of this quintessential British Dish and why are we making you feel hungry with this latest blog post?

Head Chef at The Globe Inn, Chris Hannaford, said: “There is an interesting history when it comes to Fish and Chips.  The potato is thought to have been brought to England from the New World in the 17th century by Sir Walter Raleigh although it is believed that the French invented the fried potato chip.

“Both Lancashire and London also stake a claim to being the first to invent this famous meal – chips were a cheap staple food of the industrial north, whilst in 1839 Charles Dickens referred to a “fried fish warehouse” in his novel, ‘Oliver Twist’.”

At The Globe Inn we source all of our fish from local and sustainable sources, which makes for a tasty treat, either eating in or taking away.

Chris continued: “When we designed the new menu, we made a huge emphasis on sourcing sustainable, local and seasonal ingredients.  We also wanted to ensure that our menu was transferrable; which means all our meals could be taken away.

“There are lots of really great campsites around Frogmore and our take away menu is perfect for them, especially if they’ve had a big day exploring – they don’t always fancy cooking.  Our menu choices include fish and chips, pizzas and burgers; the best option is to give us a call and see what we can sort out.”