The pub is the corner of the community

Posted by theglobeinn on July 14, 2017

Rural pubs play an important role in binding together countryside communities, a study by a leading academic has found.  Ignazio Cabras a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic Development at Northumbria University has looked at the level of communal well being in villages that have thriving pubs and those that don’t.

Professor Cabras, in his research papers, said: “They are often described as ‘friendly’ and ‘homely’ and many believe that they foster social relationships among residents, strengthening the level of cohesion in villages and positively contributing to communal well-being, but very few studies have tried to verify scientifically whether this is the case.”

In the study, he looked at communities and parishes with no more than 3,000 people as well as collecting data from sources, including Actions with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) and the Office for National Statistics, to create an index measuring levels of community cohesion and well-being across the English countryside.


Prof Cabras continued: “Overall, we found that pubs had a positive, statistically significant impact on social engagement and involvement among residents living in the countryside.

“We also found that this positive effect increased threefold between 2000 and 2010 - the period we examined – possibly because pubs have become increasingly important as other essential services such as post offices and village shops have closed.”

Landlord of The Globe Inn John Horsley agrees with the findings: “As a family-run business we think it’s vitally important to become a part of your community and we offer a place where people can unwind, feel relaxed, celebrate birthdays or simply enjoy some good company.  With the closure of local shops and post offices in many communities, as this research has demonstrated, the pub becomes a resource for the community around it.”

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