Local Ingredients Reign in The Globe Kitchen

Posted by theglobeinn on January 7, 2017

Celebrating local ingredients 

 Buying local produce is important to us here at The Globe, and it’s why our chefs incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients in each of the delicious menus they put together.

Across the UK, our appetite for local food is exploding. In fact, research found that 79% of adults think it’s important that people in Britain buy locally-sourced produce, and only 3% admitted they had never bought it before[1].


Why Buy Local?

 There’s so many reasons buying local gets our taste buds tingling. Not only does the produce look and (most importantly) taste so much better, but the money generated goes back into supporting the South Hams economy and its nearby communities.

Unlike most of the larger grocery stores, who typically store food for days (sometimes even weeks) before it’s sold, buying from a nearby grocer, farmer, butcher or baker also means your food hasn’t travelled long distances before it reaches your plate.


The Globe Inn’s Menus

 We’ve been working with the same butcher for over 15 years, and have built great working relationships with many local suppliers. So, if you’re coming to stay with us, or just popping in to warm up with a hearty winter meal, there’s plenty of scrumptious seasonal ingredients you can tuck into.

 From juicy beef fillets and mouth-watering crispy bacon, to the flavoursome fruit that was found in our New Year’s special raspberry and prosecco pannacotta, it’s all supplied to us locally. The colourful vegetables on the side of your plate, our selection of crumbly cheeses and even your after-dinner coffee are all Devon made.


Our Head Chef, Chris Hannaford, uses local produce in our menus whenever possible and says;

“There’s an abundance of delicious food available in the South Hams area which means I can be creative with our menus. By using locally-sourced ingredients, The Globe Inn are helping to support the community and our customers can enjoy great-tasting meals made with the best quality ingredients.”


To find out just how good local produce tastes, please give us a call on 01548 531351, or send us an email to book a table.

[1] Source: https://yougov.co.uk/news/2015/06/05/79-gb-adults-think-its-important-brits-buy-local-p/